Your Senior Cat and Their Health

Senior cat lying down in the sun.

With excellent care from you and dedicated veterinary professionals like those at Mobile Vet M.D., our feline patients are living longer lives than ever before. This means, though, that we care for more cats in their golden years than ever before. Understanding senior cat health and potential diseases that affect aged felines is an important part of caring for them successfully, and we are here to help. 

Common Conditions in Older Kitties


5 Facts and Myths About Pet’s Weight

Dog on a scale.

Keeping your pet at a healthy weight is the cornerstone of a healthy and prolonged life. It can be easy to accidentally overfeed your pet or let them indulge in one too many treats. Since each breed has a different “healthy” weight, it can be difficult to know the sweet spot for your pet. The team at Mobile Vet M.D. has put together this list of five facts and myths about your pet’s weight to help you keep your furry friend healthy.

Pet Weight Myth: My Pet is Supposed to Be “Naturally Chubby” 


No Mixed Messages: Essential Dog Training Commands

Dog holding keys in his mouth.

It’s well known that canine obedience training helps dogs and their people understand each other. When dogs know what’s expected of them, their eager-to-please approach goes into overdrive. In this way, dog training contributes to their overall happiness and well-being. However, when dogs demonstrate mastery over even the most basic commands, their owners can have confidence that their pup’s health and safety also stays within reach.


The Telling Signs of Cat Anxiety

An anxious cat.

Cats are known to feel and exhibit a wide array of emotions, and their behaviors definitely mirror how they feel. For example, a happy, confident cat will simply appear content and satisfied. Likewise, a stressed-out, scared, or anxious cat will conduct themselves in ways that aim for self-preservation and protection. Cat anxiety occurs for many reasons, but with support and understanding, symptoms can be supplanted by happy kitty vibes


Dog Dental Chews and the Value of Your Dog’s Dental Health

A dog with a dental chew.

Dental health is just as important for your pets as it is for yourself. While it’s relatively easy to brush and floss your own teeth, keeping up with your dog’s dental hygiene can be a bit more of a challenge. That is why products such as dental chews were introduced, to help make pet parent’s lives easier and keep your dog’s oral health on track. But can dental chews really keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy, and are they worth the price?

The team at Mobile Vet M.D. is here to help answer if dental chews are worth it—and advise you on how to keep your pet’s mouth healthy and smelling fresh! 


The “Leave It” Command in Six Steps

A dog learns the leave it command on a beach.

Imagine going about your day, and suddenly a five-dollar bill fell from the sky. You go towards it, but before you get there, someone says, “leave it!” only for you to turn around and see they have ten five-dollar bills. This is the basic training concept behind teaching your dog how to “leave it.” 

Your team at Mobile Vet M.D. knows that lots of dogs would be tempted to go for that first reward even on their way to collect the bigger one. But, we also know that teaching your dog to leave it could potentially save their life!


Small Dog Aggressive Traits You Shouldn’t See

A small black dog that looks aggressive with its teeth showing.

It’s not a “Napoleon complex,” and small dogs aren’t destined to a life of yapping, nipping, or growling. You shouldn’t have to live with a little tyrant either! The Mobile Vet M.D. team knows no dog is born aggressive, which means all aggression is learned. In small breeds, it is often learned via scary experiences and then unknowingly reinforced by the people who love them most. With proper exercise and regular wellness exams, we can make sure that your small dog is living large so you can both enjoy all of your time together.


The Ugly Truth About Heartworm in Dogs

Chewable medication for heartworm in dogs.

Pet owners with active and healthy dogs do not always realize that even their canines are susceptible to heartworm disease. Heartworms are parasites that take up residence in your pet’s heart, in their lungs, and the blood vessels that lead to both. Heartworms in dogs will multiply, infesting these vital organs, and can cause tremendous damage. Without proper attention, they will eventually be fatal. 


Fat Cat Facts: What You Need to Know About Overweight Cats

Grey and white over weight cat sitting on floor.

Even though the site of a portly cat might make us say “aww,” obesity in pets takes a serious toll on their health and longevity. You may like to think your cat is just a little fluffy, but there are repercussions to cats carrying too much weight that you need to know about. Since obesity in cats is alarmingly common, the team at Mobile Vet MD is here with the facts about the risks associated with having a little too much cat to love:


Is Your Cat Shedding Right Now?

A long-haired cat getting brushed.

If you are one of the 40 million cat owners in the U.S., you probably have cat hair on you right this very minute (cue the lint roller!). It’s not their fault that they shed their coats a couple of times a year. In fact, it’s something we can celebrate. Cat shedding is a normal, natural process that directly impacts how lustrous and healthy a cat’s coat appears. Cat owners typically love the furry nature of cats, but not the clean-up! Understanding the reasons behind your cat’s shedding may help you to combat (and embrace) it.