Woman holding Devon rex cat.

There are few things in this world better than kittens. But kitten overpopulation leads to overcrowded shelters and unnecessary euthanasia. Most feline mating occurs without cat owners recognizing the signs. Unfortunately, a cat’s freedom and capacity to reproduce creates a perfect storm for cat owners and communities struggling to control the homeless pet population. The best strategy is to ensure that spaying or neutering cats is a priority. The obvious benefit is to prevent unwanted litters, but the procedure has long-term health benefits, too! 

The Sheer Numbers

While not as “talented” as, say, rabbits, cats are among the highest animal procreators. If every female cat worldwide has 1-2 litters a year, with 4-6 cats per litter, the globe would be overrun with whiskers and scratchy tongues. When you consider how many cats are euthanized annually, it is clear it is time for a change. Spaying or neutering cats is the best possible strategy to combat the numbers of homeless cats and kittens. It can even save lives!

Spaying or Neutering Cats

Scheduling a male or female cat to be surgically sterilized is not only a sound, but safe, decision. The surgical removal of a female’s uterus and ovaries or a male’s testes can actually add to their life expectancy. By reducing the risk of reproductive cancers, including ovarian cancer or malignant breast tumors, and eliminating the risk of uterine infection, female cats can enjoy a longer, healthier life. Testicular cancer in neutered males is very rare, and cancer or infections of the prostate are minimized. 

Wait! There’s More

Spaying or neutering cats can also impact behavior. Owners are less likely to see spraying inside the home, repeated escape attempts, roaming the neighborhood, and calling out for a mate. As a result, vehicular accidents decrease, animal confrontations lessen, and the spread of contagious disease is reduced. 

Healthy Diet, Daily Exercise

Some cat owners resist spaying or neutering cats because of the erroneous concept that weight gain results afterwards. The important thing to remember is that weight gain is caused by excess calories. Keep your cat’s diet controlled and maintain daily exercise routines to keep them trim and healthy. 

We Are Here to Support Cat

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