For cat owners, few relationships surpass the comfort and affection shared between them and their feline friends. Indeed, a large percentage of cat owners would much rather stay at home with their furry buddies than spend time at family gatherings or public events. 

That’s not to say the stereotype about “cat people” is entirely true (the one about us being overly sensitive, neurotic, introverted, and aloof). Instead, it’s a tribute to the positive feedback people feel when with their cats. In other words, the vibe between cats and people is real, it’s mutually beneficial, and one of the possible keys to cat wellness.

They Are Remarkable

Dogs are eager people pleasers. There’s nothing wrong with a trait like that, and dog owners really get a kick out of it. But cats and people simply don’t have the same give and take. 

I Do What I Want

Cats, in contrast with other domesticated animals, do whatever they want, when it’s good for them. While there are some fetch-playing felines out there, they may not play the game with the same zeal as their canine counterparts. They can kind of take or leave, well, anything. It may seem counterintuitive, but it’s this facet of the feline personality that adds to their appeal.

We Work For You

Many litters are planned in order to sustain specific desirable breeds, but most kittens are the products of unplanned breeding among feral or stray cats. As a result, their skill sets remain formidable. They are sleek predators with highly developed senses of vision and hearing, even at night. 

It’s Elementary

Cats and people evolved together, but cats may not necessarily be 100% dependent on their owners. Of course, they have come to enjoy a comfortable way of life simply abundant with blankets, pillows, and replenishable treats. But if they had to (and many, many cats do), felines could fend for themselves.

Maybe That’s the Crux?

What is it about cats and people that cements our undying adoration for them? Cat owners will unquestionably and indefatigably defend their pet’s honor. They are cute, furry, warm, inquisitive, mischievous, fun-loving, and entertaining. Perhaps it’s the fact that we undoubtedly know that our cats could live without us, but they choose to stay with us is enough to endear us further.

We’re One and the Same

Folks that don’t understand the beautiful, fulfilling dynamic between cats and people may feel unsettled by their perception of a cat’s indifference to humans. In fact, research indicates that cats treat people the same way they treat other cats. Feline body language is fairly complex, but one thing we find truly amazing: cats only meow to people.

Emotional Support

Cats make exceptional emotional support animals. They’re quiet, unobtrusive, and truly comforting when one is in pain, stressed, or sick. They offer a calming, reassuring presence, and despite claims that they don’t give the same amount of unconditional love as dogs, they really are very loving friends. 

Cats and People Forever

In this day and age we find ourselves in, a little extra close companionship can be incredibly healing. If you have further questions about the powerful dynamic between cats and people, we’re always here for you at Mobile Vet M.D.