Cats are adored worldwide for their eyes, whiskers, and cute little meows, and for their soft, silky, fur coats. Without a doubt, people love to touch and stroke a gleaming feline coat, but when a cat has greasy fur, it can be highly unattractive.

Sure it could simply be the result of poor kitty hygiene, but oily, sticky and greasy fur can also be indicative of larger medical issues. 

Since all cats deserve to be snuggled and adored, it’s time to dive into the best ways to care for their skin and coat.

Feline Grooming Habits

Cats are famous for their self-grooming habits. When they aren’t sleeping, eating or hunting, they are likely licking themselves clean. As a result, it’s not that common to see a cat looking unkempt, matted, and dirty.

Why They’re So Fastidious

With their scratch paper tongues, flexible spines, and agile paws, cats in the wild groom themselves to hide their scent from predators. This habit of good hygiene also:

  • Supports good circulation
  • Maintains normal body temperature
  • Distributes natural skin oils throughout the entire coat
  • Reduces allergens and parasites
  • Provides an outlet from boredom, anxiety or stress

While skin oil is normal, sometimes production can go into overdrive. This condition, known as seborrhea, can lead to ineffective grooming and inadequate distribution of oils.

Cat Has Greasy Fur

Infections or skin allergies, parasites and other dermatologic issues can result in seborrhea, but if your cat has greasy fur it’s time to assess their daily grooming habits. Often, inadequate or absent grooming behaviors stem from extra body weight that makes it physically difficult to reach certain parts of the body. 

Similarly, arthritis can diminish a cat’s flexibility and range of motion. Dental disease can cause pain while grooming. Lastly, cats with undiagnosed and untreated chronic health conditions like diabetes or kidney disease may not self-groom any longer.

Getting to the Bottom Of It

Anything that alters your cat’s behavior and normal patterns should be investigated. A thorough physical examination and certain diagnostics can help us understand more. Once we determine the cause, we can help your cat get back on track.

If your cat has greasy fur, it could be a sign that their overall health is not up to snuff. In order to ensure your cat is feeling and looking their absolute best, we encourage you to reach us with any questions or concerns. Our staff is always here for you at Mobile Vet M.D.