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The last twelve months have been very busy, and Mobile Vet M.D. is so grateful to serve a growing community of dedicated, responsible pet owners. To support you and your best friend, we publish monthly pet care blogs that aim to educate, inform, and celebrate pet owners like yourself. In other words, our blog seeks to answer questions that we routinely hear around the van.

Mobile Vet M.D.’s Top 5 Pet Care Blogs of 2018

If you already caught these pet care blogs the first time around, thank you for reading! For those who are new to our our blog, the following are the most popular posts of the year. Enjoy!

#5: Bored? Head Out for Some Local, Pet Friendly Fun!
While Englishtown and Monroe Township may not be huge, dog-centric cities like San Francisco or Austin, that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of pet friendly fun to be had right here at home. Because pets are our top priority here at Mobile Vet M.D., we’ve done our research to find some paw-sitively paw-some activities to get you and your pooch out of the house this fall. Read more!

#4: Every Moment Counts in a Pet Emergency
Of course, responsible pet owners not only care for daily needs, but offer affection throughout the day. However, to truly show love for the animal in your life, it may be time to address an issue that’s often neglected: how to prepare for and handle a pet emergency. Keep reading…

#3: Our Mobile Vet Clinic: Putting Pets First
Anyone who has ever transported a terrified dog or an angry, yowling cat to the veterinarian can attest to the high level of stress and discomfort experienced by both pet and owner. With the extreme anxiety that many pets experience when bombarded by the unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells of a veterinary clinic, even a routine wellness exam can become quite an ordeal. Read more!

#2: No Laughing Matter: Pain in Pets
We all know how debilitating pain can be, and it’s no different for our pets. However, when symptoms of pain in pets range from obvious to barely discernible, even the most attentive owner can remain in the dark. Continue…

1: The Final Days: What to Consider When it Comes to Pet End of Life Care
Although we don’t want to think about it, all pet owners know that our time with our four-legged friends will one day come to an end. Loving and supportive pet end of life care is an absolute necessity when it comes to providing a peaceful transition for our beloved companions. The team at Mobile Vet MD is here to support you every step of the way. Keep reading…

Happy New Year!

At Mobile Vet M.D., we know one of the most significant barriers to veterinary care is, of course, the car ride. That’s why we eliminate the risks of transporting your pet, and Dr. Kwacz is happy to meet you and your companion wherever you are.  

We’ll be back in 2019 with another year of informative, relevant, and timely pet care blogs. Thank you for reading! Until then, we wish you and your best friend a truly happy and very safe new year!